Black Shoes: Everyone's Favorite

Published: 21st June 2011
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Black shoes have been adorning the feet of the gentlemen since ages. Not only males, even ladies have had a fondness for these shoes, and it is one fashion accessory that is common to every closet. Black is one color that goes with every dress, irrespective of its color and style. These shoes can be worn on all occasions whether formal or casual. Black leather shoes are so soothing that people wear them throughout the day without feeling weary. These are some of the reasons why black shoes have always reigned supreme, and this is one fashion accessory that is timeless and never goes out of style.

However,apart from comfort and its characteristics to match every outfit,there are some more features due to which black shoes are popular. One obvious reason is that black leather shoes looks most stylish and graceful among all other colors available in the market. Anyone, whatever his appearance starts to look graceful when he wears these shoes properly. You never have to think about your footwear no matter what you are wearing for the occasion, just slip on your all weather black shoes and you are ready for the event or occasion.

Whether students appearing in an interview or executives in a meeting all use black shoes. It does not matter whether these shoes are open loafers or laced ones they are like implied dress code and dress code looks incomplete without it. One never looks or feels odd when he is wearing these shoes. Even in a casual party where everyone is wearing jeans and T-shirt, someone making an appearance with his black shoes on does not feel awkward. Black is the most wanted color of majority of people. And if you think that women like to wear other colors, think again as even they love to wear black shoes. Reason is that they do not need to mix and match as they need to do with a red shoe or a maroon shoe. It has been followed since long ago and it is difficult to search for a person without a pair of black shoes in his closet.

Another factor due to which people likes to wear black shoes is that they are present in large number of varieties. Even manufacturers are sure that their stocks will be sold when they make new designs in black rather than in any other color. No doubt you can spot other colors also in shops, but if you ask the salesman to come up with designs in a particular color, he is sure to beg excuse. Such is the dominance of black color.

If you are searching for a specific design of shoes then one thing is certain. You will eventually find the design in the market in black color as this is one color that never goes out of vogue. Celebrities may opt for different colors but these colors do not last long but ultimately they get back to black. Black shoes are permanent while other colors come and go.

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